Sunday, September 30, 2007


So, you now what sucks about having a cold when you're pregnant?
There is NOTHING doctor approved to ease my symptoms.
I've spent since Thursday afternoon laying around feeling sorry for myself.
I'd like to tell you, gentle readers, that I'm feeling a lot better and ashamed of my "poor me" attitude all weekend. But that's not the truth.
I'm blogging this so that you all can relieve me in the tiresome job of feeling sorry for me.
So, gentle readers, feel sorry for me.

In reference to the title--Kristi, where on EARTH is there a health food store?
I need an answer quickly. My fetus is in danger of a strong dose of Tylenol Sinus. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Well that was freaky.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I noticed that my back was very sore. I didn't pay much attention, though, since I'd only had a coupld hours of sleep and went on my way to work. I left work around 11:30 to pick up lunch for a friend and myself. As I walked to the car, I felt cramping in my lower abdomen. By the time I reached the restaraunt the cramping had gone from tolerable to severe and had traveled from my the top of my hip bone to my bottom rib to and all the way around my back. It was bad enough that I didn't feel that I could stand up. I made it into the restaraunt's bathroom to make sure the cramps were not accompanied by bleeding (they weren't).
I called the nurse at Stillwater and described what I was feeling, fully expecting her to say, "Oh, that's completely normal. Take a deep breath and stop being such a wimp." Instead, she said, "When can you get here?"
I SO did not expect to hear that.
So, I immediately called Richard (bawling), who was picking up his tuxedo for the wedding he's in tonight. He rushed out to meet me at the Stillwater Clinic.
I beat Rich to the clinic, and went straight in to see the doctor. I was still experiencing cramping and feeling uncomfortable, but I was able to walk and move around.
I was very relieved when we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat almost immediately. The heartrate was 156bpm, and my blood pressure was 102/60.
So...they did a bunch of tests to check my blood counts, they checked my urine for any infections in the kidneys or bladder, and checked for any kind of bacterial infection that could be causing the cramping. All the tests came back completely clear.
So, the doc told me to go home, put my feet up so I'd have food circulation, and take it easy.
I went home and slept from 3pm to 10pm. and then from midnight til 10 this morning.
I'm feeling quite a bit better today, though still having some mild cramping in my lower abdomen, and am nursing a nasty cold.
I'm in the "Femur Recliner" watching baby stories on tv.
It's a little discouraging that they don't know what's wrong, but I am very relieved that the baby is fine and healthy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"My lips hurt real bad."

Remember when I talked about having chapped lips on my other blog?

Well, I did the math, and I've had chapped lips since the DAY after I got pregnant. I'm not kidding. Every night my lips are sore and dry before I go to bed. I slather on chapstick, and then in the morning they are burning and peeling. I spend all day putting on chapstick and the cycle continues.

Here is a list of products I have tried:

  • Neutrogena (three kinds)
  • Vaseline Lip Theraphy (two kinds)
  • Chapstick brand (three "flavors")
  • Blistex (three kinds)
  • SoftLips
  • Aveeno
  • Carmex
  • Mary Kay (bad, bad, bad)
  • Melaleuca (worse)
  • Wet N Wild (I was feeling optimistic)
  • Aveda
  • Clinique
  • Burt's Bees
  • Bath & Body Works (worse than anything)
  • Neosporin Lip Treatment
  • Victoria's Secret lip gloss (bad)
  • Ulta
  • Regular body lotion (Vaseline brand, Mary Kay, Jergens)
  • Plain Vaseline

It has been 16 weeks of pure lip hell. The only relief I can get is from plain old original chapstick. Even this doesn't help for long. I have changed my toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, everything. As you can see, I have spent a fortune on lip "treatments." Most of them are still at the bottom of my purse. I'd like my money back.

Also, I definitely took the above photo by myself.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heartburn, etc.

Ohhhh...if the wive's tale is true, that heartburn leads to a baby with lots of hair, my baby is going to be COVERED.
All I have to do is LOOK at something spicy or vinegar-ey and I get heartburn.
Makes a tough choice when I'm craving hot sauce and crushed red pepper on EVERYTHING I want to eat.
Weird cravings for Week 16:
-Spaghetti (with crushed red pepper, obviously)
-Red slushies from Super America (Rich went out at 9:30 last night to get me one--I didn't ask him to! He was just being nice!)
I don't mind admitting that I've been surviving on these things for a week now. Any kind of meat or protein really turns my stomach. Go figure.

Also, I'm starting to get calcium deposits on my face, which must be from my prenatal vitamins. They look pretty yucky, and I can't get them to go away. I'm open to suggestions.

**New Development**
The Target near my work sells WHITE CHERRY slushies! I can drink them at work and still have white teeth!

Monday, September 24, 2007

What's in a name?

Last night Rich and I got to talking about names. We think it's silly that we've been keeping our baby's name possibilities a secret. I'm interested in your opinions.
Our choices:
1. Ajax Danger Desvousges
2. Felix Strongbow Desvousges
3. Brett Favre Desvousges

All are unisex, obviously.

Friday, September 21, 2007

For Reals?

Today my boss asked me if I was really pregnant. He said wanted to make sure that I wasn't just after extra sympathy and to force people to carry stuff for me.
To be honest, I can't blame the guy.
I haven't changed a BIT. I spent $200 on maternity clothes that still have the tags on, and are in heaping bags on my bedroom floor (I've played hell trying to keep Pedro from sleeping in them).

Here are photos to prove it:

How is it possible that I actually look MORE pregnant in the 12 week photo than the 15 week photo?! The only way you can tell time has elapsed is that my hair is longer! Perhaps we could use this blog for tracking my hair growth...
I know, I know...all in good time, and before I know it I'll be complaining because I'm so big...blah, blah. That's not the issue.
The issue is that I made such a big deal and told everyone and now they're like, "So, Erin...what's up?"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 14-15 Check Up

I had my 14-15 Week check up on Friday.
Baby's heartrate was 150-160 and my blood pressure was "beautiful." I have gained 4 pounds in just under 4 months. Fern was very pleased about this--and me, too!
They re-tested my urine because keytones were showing up last time (a signal that my body might not be responding to the pregnancy well and breaking down its own protein). My tests came back perfectly clean this time, though, and Fern (my midwife) said it was probably because I wasn't eating normally and not feeling very well.
It was a nice quick visit.
I am 15 weeks along this week and Baby is the size of a softball. He is fully formed (in God's image!!!) and he is now covered in fine, downy hair called lanugo (this actually started last week). Baby is able to suck his thumb and make faces. His legs are also starting to grow to a more proportionate length to his body, and even though his eyelids are fused shut, he is sensitive to light. Cool, huh?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I suffered--nay--endured my first FOOD JUDGEMENT from a waitress tonight.
I was having dinner with my beautiful friend, Sasha (seriously drop-your-fork-when-she-walks-in-the-room-spill-on-yourself beautiful).
When the waitress approached, we mentioned, in fun, that I am pregnant.
We chatted for a minute, and then she asked to take our order.
"I'll have the Greek salad with the tuna fillet," I said.
"Oh...are you sure you should have tuna?" she said.
"I can have it once a week," I replied, surprised but not yet irritated (silly me).
"Well it's not very good if you order it well done, and you'd have to order it well done."
"Oh. I'll have the grilled chicken. Thanks for caring about me." Wench.
I'm not sure what pisses me off more: the fact that she was mostly right, or the fact that all I can think about now is seared sushi-grade tuna with rice and wasabi-soy sauce.
Or the fact that she really was just being nice.

My waitress, you fool!
You were trying to be nice,
but this is trouble!

How I Told...


On the phone.
I just never know when I'm gonna get to see her again or what country she might end up in at any minute!
We were talking about babies or something and I said, "I know when I have MY March..."
She paused for a second and then FREAKED out and told everyone in the room. Man, I love that girl.
She was thrilled, of course, and sent little outfits for Baby almost immediately. One says, "Party in my crib, 2am." And the other, "Tax Deduction." (For Rich.)
It's a bummer to know Jenna will be in Austria for most of my pregnancy, but she will be home in Christmas in time to rub my big belly!
Love you, BFF.

Baby Sor

Welcome to blogdom, my oldest friend!
Please check on Sarah and BabySor's progress at her new pregnancy blog!
The miracle baby is well on its way!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Most Important Vote

Last night, Richard finally weighed in.
"I don't want to find out if it's a boy or girl," he said. "I want it to be a surprise."
I was like, "FINALLY! I couldn't make the decision on my own!"
I can't believe I'm committing to this, and I know some of you will be disappointed (Lauren and Sasha), but it looks like we're not going to find out.
I reserve the right to change my mind at the last minute.
For the record, I think it's a boy.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Baby on Boardggren

Heads up! Check out the progress of Cara's pregnancy.
She's due about 2-3 weeks ahead of me!
Welcome to blogdom, Cara!

Friday, September 7, 2007

How we told...

...the Fam.

It took me a full week to convince my parents to come over for the weekend. For some reason they just weren't moved by my "I just miss you guys" argument and for a few minutes there, I didn't think they were going to come and we would have to take drastic measures.
Luckily they committed to coming up a week after we found out. In the mean time, I begged my sister to come over because I just "need some girl time." She said, "What? Are you pregnant or something?" I didn't know I was that transparent.
The afternoon my parents were scheduled to come, Richard and I drove in an extensive loop. We started in Hudson where we told Rich's family, which was very fun. We were all sitting outside and Richard made a comment about how Bob looks "pretty good for a grandpa."
There was a pause in the conversation and Brenda said, "Are you pregnant?!"
While we were sitting there laughing and talking, Mandi called Bob. Bob handed the phone to Rich who said, "Hey, how would you feel if Erin and I had a baby?"
She said, "Well, that would be ok, but shouldn't you talk to her?" (or something like that), and then she figured out that it was a little too late for him to be asking her permission.
Mandi definitely wins the prize for the best reaction because after she figured it out, she cried and cried and CRIED. It was awesome.
We also told Jeff (Richard's brother) while we were at the house. He gave hugs and then asked if it was a boy or girl. I thought that was cute.
From Hudson we drove out to Balsam Lake to tell my grandmothers, who, frankly, weren't very surprised. Happy, but not surprised. Haha. Grandma Shirley took us out to dinner and told the waitress, "My granddaughter is pregnant." The waitress was like, "Uh...ok..."
After that, I called my brother who swore he would be here by the time the baby is born (keep your fingers crossed!), and asked if it was a boy or girl. Haha--I guess young men don't know much about this stuff yet! Then we drove back to Roseville where my parents were waiting at the house with Lauren.
They were eating pizza when we came in and I decided to take the same tactic as Richard.
"You know, you guys look really good. You look really young."
They said, "Thanks, Erin..."
I said, "I don't think anyone would suspect that you're about to be grandparents."
Once again, not too surprised but very happy.
Haha--I guess when you've been married a couple of years people start to wonder...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

How I told...


I took Thursday and Friday off after the 4th of July, but since Richard works from home, he didn't have to. Despite this, however, he had to work a couple of (EIGHT!) hours on July 5th. He left me home to sleep in and do whatever I wanted on my day off.
I woke up earlier than normal and thought, "Maybe I'll just take that Dollar Store pregnancy test. Just to see." I really didn't think it would lead to anything, but I was home alone so why not?
So, I took the test.
The FAINTEST line appeared. So faint, in fact, that when I turned the test toward the light to see it better, the line disappeared. It was like a pregnancy hologram.
So, by this time I was feeling an adrenaline rush and my hands were shaking. I hurried to the bedroom and got dressed to run out and buy another test.
I couldn't spot my keys on the counter, so I figured they must be in the car. I ran down to the garage--no keys. I ran back upstairs and looked harder around the kitchen and living room. I dumped out my purse--no keys.
Finally, I called Rich. Turns out he had THREE SETS of keys with him that day by accident.
I didn't want to tell him what was going on over the phone because it wouldn't have been as fun, so I had to wait ALL. DAY. for Richard to come home. It was probably the longest day of my life.
When he finally got home, I couldn't take it any more and showed him the dud test. He said, "Well , why don't you just go out and buy another one?"
I think I said something like, "No sh*t, Sherlock! I've been waiting all day!" but I can't remember. He'd have to tell you for sure. He laughed and I ran off to Target.
When I got there, I looked for the most expensive pregnancy test I could find. I spent $22 on a digital test. I wasn't taking any freaking chances on this one.
I raced home, raced up the stairs and took the second test, which lit up like a Christmas Tree.
I took it back to the basement to show Rich. He said, "Did you take it already?" And I held it out to him to see. He threw his controller (he was playing Halo with Jared) across the room, grabbed me and pulled me to the floor next to him without saying a word.
About 30 seconds went by before he said, "Holy crap."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Best Reaction Yet

I told yet another co-worker that I am expecting.
He took three steps backward, ran into a stack of boxes and unceremoniously fled my presence.
Haven't seen or heard from him since.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pull Your Pants Up(date)!

Thanks, everyone, for your enthusiastic responses sbout my pant situation.
I think it's worth mentioning that I am 5'10"--that's TWO INCHES taller than your recommendations. That adds TWO INCHES to the inseam needed, making this tougher than I anticipated.
You'll be happy to know, however, that I found some pants! We hit Penny's and Younker's yesterday and I found a black pair and a kahki pair that are suitable for now.
I will keep looking, though, for the perfect pair!

In other news, I am 13 weeks this week!
Baby is about 2.75 inches from crown to rump, and weighs about .75 ounce. It is roughly the size of a peach, though not the same weight.
Cool, huh?
My book also told me that it might be time to start wearing looser fitting clothing.
Really? Good idea!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Maternity Schmanernity

After spending the day shopping the Wausau Goodwill, maternity boutiques and consignment shops, I've discovered something very important:
I am the only pregnant woman in the world over 5'6" tall.
I'm not kidding. I am alone.
After some online research, Mom and I have determined that if you are over 70 inches tall, one of your only options for pants that don't make people wonder if we're expecting rain is to spend $68 at (Maybe no big deal for some girls, but I have a hard time spending that kind of money on a pair of pants I won't be wearing at this time next year.)
I will forge on, however.
We still have to hit JCPenny tomorrow and from there, THE WORLD!
Here's the thing about maternity clothes--manufacturers have me exactly where they want me. What am I going to do? Wear sweat pants and huge t-shirts to meetings and customer visits for the next 6 months? When you start out shopping for maternity clothes, you are horrified at the prices. So horrified in fact, that by the time you see a long-sleeved t-shirt for $24, you are thrilled at finding such a great deal.
What can I do? I'm a chubby, busty (and consequentially self-conscious wanting to suddenly be oh-so-stylish), emotional, hormonally imbalanced, growing girl.
I will continue to scan the Sunday paper and clearance racks until things get really bad.
Here's hoping things to don't get that bad.

*It's definitely worth mentioning that my honey stood next to me near a clearance rack on his crutches and so patiently said, "You don't have to buy all your clothes right now, so why don't you just buy some things you really like?" He doesn't know it, but he very nearly had a chubby, busty (and consequentially self-conscious wanting to suddenly be oh-so-stylish), emotional, hormonally imbalanced wife burst into tears right then and there--just because he was so nice.
Ah, pregnancy.

Knew it would be hard
to find tall pregnancy pants
won't give up that quick!

Good thing it's still a
little early for new clothes.
Got more time to shop!