Friday, June 27, 2008

Big Girl Bed

I had myself a little cry tonight as my daughter put herself to sleep in her Big Girl Bed.

I know three months have gone by, because I have the photos to prove it, but when did she get so big? I knew it was time to move her into her own room when she rolled over in her bassinet and got stuck. Even though she's only three more feet away from me, this is a milestone for which I just wasn't ready. : (
We've had two major developments this week, however. On Wednesday, I saw her deliberately reach out for her taggy blanket! Then starting yesterday, every time I lay her on her tummy, she rolls over!
Before I know it, she'll be walking...and then married!
Slow down, Time!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Water Baby

Richard has been looking forward to swimming with his little girl because he has very fond memories of "the pool" from his own childhood. It was a blast to take her swimming for the very first time!
(I wish the quality was better, but this video will have to do! I've been trying to upload for hours!!)

Here is a picture of her 3-inch thick diaper when we got back to the room. After ten minutes, the outside of the diaper felt more wet to the touch than the inside. Amazing.
Getting the chlorine off in the bathroom sink!

p.s. She's finally starting to look a little like me!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nebraska, Here We Come!!

Shirley Jean made her first trip to Nebraska last weekend, to meet her Husker relatives. It only took ELEVEN hours for us to get there...traveling with an infant is hard work, but well worth it! We had a wonderful time!

Stretching out in the grass somewhere in Iowa.

Shirley Jean meets Great-Grandma Jean.

Shirley Jean meets Alana Kathryn (just five little weeks old!). If my mother and Alana's mother are first cousins, what does that make Shirley and Alana?

A quiet moment with Alana. I can't believe how big my own baby is compared to this little peanut!!

Both Pam and Kari Jo have the magic touch at putting babies to sleep!

Swimming Lessons

Don't you think it looks like she's swimming??

Monday, June 9, 2008

Out to Dinner with Daddy

She's the Prettiest Girl She Knows!

SJ has been spending time in her big girl crib to start getting used to the idea of sleeping in her own room. She lays there and just STARES at herself in the mirror. Occasionally I hear her talking to her reflection. Cracks me up.
(Don't worry, I will remove the crib bumpers when it's time to move to the big girl crib.)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We hate mornings around here.

Little SJ usually wakes up around 7am, wanting to be fed and changed, and then settles back down to sleep until at least 9am. So, this morning, nothing was out of the ordinary. EXCEPT that Shirley Jean settled back to sleep almost instantly when I started nursing her. So....instead of burping her (against my better judgement), I laid her back in her bassinet and went soundly back to sleep myself.
At about 9, I changed and nursed a surprisingly fussy little girl.
When I lifted her to my shoulder to burp, I was pleased to hear a big one.
And then I felt something warm run DOWN. MY. BACK.
Oh, and wait.
In my hair.
All over my pillow.
All over the sheets.
I wiped everything off and got dressed. Then I brushed out my solidified hair.
I think part of being a mommy is that you smell like barf most of the time.
Still, there's nothing like a little barf in your butt-crack first thing in the morning, right?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Past Shirley Jean,

On June 3, 2008, you will have gas that will make you cranky, drowsy and veeerrrrrrry fussy. Let's take the opportunity to find a silver lining here. Let's have some fun.
You cry ALL DAY LONG, and then when Daddy gets home to give Mommy a break, STOP.
It will be SO. FUNNY.
Sincerely yours,
Future Shirley Jean
p.s. For good measure, be sure to smile a lot--but only at Daddy.
p.p.s. Spit up on Mom's foot. She won't realize it until she is walking around. It's freaking hil!ar!i!ous!