Saturday, March 10, 2012

Babies for Preschoolers

A couple of days ago, Shirley and I were talking about her friend, Natalie, who's mother just had a beautiful baby boy. (Praise the Lord!!!) We talked about how the baby was in Sarah's tummy until he was born and I told her that she (Shirley--not Sarah, thank goodness) lived in my tummy before she was born, too. She did NOT believe me, so I showed her this picture:

She looked at it and said, "Mom. Did you EAT me?"
I laughed and told her she was sillly.

So, today, while I was working on this disaster-and-a-half,
I looked over and she had tucked one baby into its cradle and she was sitting in her little rocking chair reading to it with another baby tucked under her dress.
I said, "Oh, are you having a baby? How wonderful!"
She said, "Yeah. I'm just gonna carry my baby like this for a while."

I only wish I had my camera out fast enough! What a sweet memory for this mama.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Shirley: Mom, what's my cat's name again?
Erin: You know his name.
SJ: No I don't.
E: Fine. His name is Peter.
SJ [mischevious glare]: Yeah...Peter.
E: Yeah. Peter.
SJ: Peter? Are you sure?
E: Yes. Peter.

Guys, we might have to change his name. I can't believe she called my bluff.