Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bike Ride

Shirley and I went for a bike ride today.
For fun.
We rode to the playground, walked around, got dirty, avoided goose poop, and then loaded up to come home.
Shirley held on to her helmet the whole way there and the whole way back. At least she couldn't get it off of her head. She HATES her helmet.
She didn't complain this time, though.
The ex.act. moment my muscles started to complain, coming up the hill to our house.
I paused to take 30-second breather and she started screaming. SCREAMING.
It was a superfun trip to the park.
She was so furious I couldn't even get a photo of her in her helmet. It took her approximately 30 seconds to fall asleep as soon as we got in the house. This is how she looks at this exact moment:
My butt hurts.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Watch where you're going!

I was unsuccessful in suppressing my giggles today when Shirley's face bounced off of a door.
It was like a slow motion action sequence, but instead of face-meeting-door, it was more rubber-meets-rubber.
Nothing was hurt but SJ's pride.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Girl

At 14 months, My Girl is really growing up. She is ALL over the place now, running, bouncing and playing with her buddy, Pedro.
Shirley Jean is Mama's girl through and through, and even though we're getting past the Mommy ONLY phase we've been in for a couple of months, she still would rather be with me (even if Daddy is WAAAAAAAY more fun and offers WAAAAAAAAAY more white sugar), which is fine with me, because there is no one else I'd rather spend 24 hours a day with.
Shirley is very physically affectionate, giving hugs and kisses without being asked. When I pick her up, she pats my back (like I've done for her since she was born), and this moning she grabbed my hand and rubbed it back and foth against her head so I would scratch he head. She's loved that since we brought her home.

Shirley's likes:
-Having her hair done! Both the act, and the final product.
-Stuffed animals. She hugs and kisses them, though not dollies.
-Watching Pedo and Kitty play. She stands within inches of them and cheers them on.
-All food. All. Food.
-Straws! SJ looooooooves drinking from a straw. I think it makes her feel like a big girl.
-"Folding" laundry.
-"Chasing" daddy.
-Bath time!

Shirley's dislikes:
-Taking her hair out.
-Going to bed when there's company--she doesn't want to miss any action!
-The baby gate. :(
-Dirt. This girl does NOT like getting her hands dirty.
-Honestly, that's all I can think of.

Shirley's "Words:"
-"Uh oh oh."
-Still no Mama or Dada.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post Pon-IES

I didn't realize that giving SJ pigtails would lead to a Flying Nun look.
I think I like it.

Sorry for the repeating photos. I honestly couldn't decide which one was funniest.

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