Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jumping Johnnies

Baby Richard got to try out the Johnny Jump-Up last night for the first time. Thank goodness his sister was there to help out. This is the progression of how it went. I think he likes it. Oh, wait--he had a clear view of his sister the whole time. Of course he liked it. :)

Personally, I find this video hysterical.

Of course, Shirley HAD to try it out.

I wanted to post more video of Shirley so that you all can hear "Shirley Speak."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shirley Jean's first haircut!

I took Shirley to get her very first haircut yesterday. I can't believe she's such a big girl! We went to Kids Hair where I knew they would do a great job for a first haircut. I was right! Shirley loved it because she got to watch cartoons while they cut her hair--plus they offered candy right off the bat. How can you go wrong?

Coloring while we waited our turn.
Before. Not thrilled about this new experience.
Patient brother.

Sucker number TWO.
Sucker number THREE. Plus a Slinky. Minus a shoe.
Sucker number FOUR. ...Almost done!
What a beautiful (albeit irritated with Mama) little girl!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Richard Joseph

Last week was a very big week for Baby Richard. On Wednesday, July 7, he rolled over for the first time. He rolled back to front, which I think means he is highly intelligent. ...Except for the fact that he tends to get high-centered and can't get back on his back, which makes him angry. Very, very angry. Then, on Thursday, he laughed! I know you will agree with me when I say: there is nothing in the world like the sound of your child's laugh. My favorite part? He has such a masculine laugh! Where Shirley used to giggle, Richard literally guffaws.
Richard absolutely loves his sister. When she is in his eyeline (which often isn't very long!), he coos and babbles to her. He finds her completely mesmerizing. When I see his love for her, I feel like my heart might literally burst out of my chest.
He is a very focused nurser. Remember how Shirley used to play games with me while she nursed? Richard will have none of that. I think it's safe to say that he is a boob man, through and through.
Richard could take or leave his pacifier, but if he has something to snuggle--a blanket, cloth diaper, or taggy blanket--he is soothed and content. He LOVES being held, and loves to be held as tight and compact as possible while being rocked to sleep. When I sing to him, he looks me right in the eye. When he smiles, he smiles with his whole body! His arms flail, his legs kick and he rolls his head back and forth to show his pleasure.
A couple weeks ago, he discovered his fingers, which are ALWAYS in his mouth. He also has discovered that he can touch and feel things with his fingers. He doesn't have a lot of control, but when he tries to touch my face, I can't help but fight the tears of happiness. When Daddy nibbles Richard's tummy, he grabs Daddy's ears as if to say, "Stop it! Don't stop! Stop it!"
My sweet boy is growing so fast--we couldn't be more proud. (Can you tell?)

We are publically dedicating Richard Joseph to God at the 10:30 service at church this weekend. We would be truly honored if you wanted to join us for the very special service.

Here is Mr. Richard showing off one of his many skills: rolling over and screaming his head off!

Where's Shirley?!

There she is!

Hanging Laundry

Sometimes I have a helper when I'm hanging laundry on the line.Aren't we cute?

Where's Shirley?

...Probably hanging out in the dog bed.

He Rolls!

...and everyone is very excited.


Just Like Mama

Seeing my little girl develop her skills as a caretaker makes me so proud and happy. My prayer for her is that she will grow to be a wonderful wife and mother--I'm glad she's getting some practice now!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Over the Fourth this year, we had a little staycation. We spent time at the beach and with friends. We worked on no major projects and even turned off the television from time to time. (Don't worry--we still watched plenty of "George, Mama?" And "Puppies, Mama?")

Shirley: all decked out to go to the "Beach, Mama?"
My cousin sent her this hat, scarf and mitten set, surely for this winter. Yes, she is wearing the whole set with her bathing suit. Shirley is nothing if not prepared.
The Bairn, enjoying the shade. Clearly.
The Sand Princess.
All she needs is a bucket and a shovel.
On the Fourth, we went to a pool party at some friends' house.
Shirley loved the water so much, she stayed in until she literally turned blue.
Enjoying some "sming" with Daddy and "Uncle" Nate.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here's a little gem for ya:


Father's Day

For Father's Day this year, we kept things pretty low key (besides the family reunion, that is!). We had a nice dinner and went to church together.
Here is Shirley, coloring her card for Daddy.
And Baby Richard got to sit up and look around in honor of his Daddy.


Family Reunion

At the end of June, Richard's grandparents came to visit from California. It was so much fun to introduce them to Baby Richard and show off how much Shirley Jean has grown since we last saw them in January.


Friday, July 2, 2010

So Much to Say!

This little boy has a lot to say! Here are some cute pictures I took while he "told me all about it."


The Playground Duo

Venturing out to the park is no small feat for us. I am getting more brave, though, and less afraid that something terrible will happen, so I try to take Shirley Jean and Richard to the park near our house a couple times a week.
Shirley cheers for the other kids who come down the slide. It brings tears to my eyes when I see her little encouraging self developing. I often wonder if I'm getting a glimpse of her spiritual gifts at this young age. Ok, it does more than bring tears to my eyes. It makes me want to WEEP.

I think it's really cool that I have pictures of SJ in this same swing from the last three summers.
I like this picture because you can see Baby Richard in the background. :)
Baby Richard loves the park, too. There are so many new noises and smells and things to see. The trees, the other children, the breezes, the kids playing and screaming down at the beach. Both children sleep for hours after a trip to the park!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Takiative Boy

Baby Richard has started "talking." It started about a month ago. I LOVE to hear his contented sighs and exuberant coos. Here, also, are some funny pictures I took of him in his swing. Getting a picture of him smiling is getting increasingly difficult because the red light on my camera that shines before the flash goes off is completely mesmerizing. Apparently.