Thursday, April 7, 2011

Richard and the Purple Crayon

Resemble, much?

Easel Fun

Last week we bought Shirley and Richard this multi-purpose easel to play with. It has been a huge hit, and the source of a lot of fun. I am sad to say, though, that I've had to take the chalk away since I took these pictures. The pieces become choking hazards too easily when they break and chalky fingerprints are a real pain in the rear! They still use it with a big roll of paper and crayons, though.
Snack time?
I couldn't believe it when Richard pulled himself up and started coloring! He's so smart!

Children's Museum!

A couple weeks ago, we got to go to the Children's Museum with our friends Sarah and Natalie. We had a wonderful time!

Making Paper

Natalie makes paper-making fun!

We are very excited!

Figuring out the conveyor belts.
Makin' it work.
Paper or plastic?

Post-Bath Snuggle Time

This progression of photos cracks me up: