Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Richard's (actual) First Birthday

Richard turns ONE today!
Here is our boy enjoying some of his favorite things: meatballs and peas.

The BIG One.
Cute. "Oooooh!"

Richard needed some "help" blowing out his candle.

"I'll help you, brother."
Not too sure about ripping paper...
Richard has been making this face a lot lately--he's figuring out his new TOP teeth. :)=
LOVING the blocks from Mama and Daddy!
Bedtime for Birthday Boy!

Shirley's (actual) Third Birthday

For Shirley's actual birthday on the 18th, we all packed up and went to the Mall of America, where we ate Chinese food and went on some rides. (Did you know that if you sign up at nickelodeonuniverse.com, your child can have an unlimited rides armband on their birthday?) Please enjoy these pictures from our celebration of her birth!

Showing off her special outfit.

"Daddy, I got a map." Riding the carousel!

The Richards. Hanging out. Richard has been anxiously waiting until Shirley was tall enough to take her on the log flume. He thought it would be so fun! I waited with trepidation, until... ...I saw this. Shirley LOVED the log flume. She DANCED her way to tell me all about it. It was so adorable that (as Shirley and Daddy headed toward the line to go again) a stranger approached me to tell me that my daughter was "to die for cute." I can't help but agree. Once we made it home, we had to have some cupcakes! Finally, sleeping beauty passed out nose to nose with Bambi...and her favorite gift.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Family Birthday Party!

Last week we hosted an early birthday party for Shirley and Richard with our family members who live nearby. We had a wonderful time celebrating our children's births and their sweet additions to our lives. I admit, I spent the day fighting back tears as I thought about how much my babies have grown. It was a wonderful day, though, full of laughter and joy. Here are pictures from our day (Be prepared. There are a lot...I can't choose just a few):

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Name Game

Erin: What's your name?
Shirley: Shirley!
E: How old are you?
S: I'm FREE!
E. What's your last name?
S: Um, free?
E: Day-vuh-jay.
S: Blah-dee-bloo.
E: What's your name?
S: Shirley!
E: What's your last name?
E: Day-vuh-jay.
S: Blar-dee-blar.
E: Day-vuh-jay.
S: Bloop-bee-blop.
E: How old are you?
E: What's your last name?
S: Day-shay!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I figure if I get this posted before St. Patrick's Day, it still counts.
First thing on the morning of Valentine's Day, I said to Shirley, "Happy Valentine's Day, Shirley! I love you." She responded by saying, "Happy Birthday, Mama! I yuff you! I WANT CHOCOLATE AND PRESENTS!"
Shirley Jean LOVED Valentine's Day. I mean, "Happy Natalie Day!" or "Happy Ballumtimes Day!" or "Happy Birthdaytimes Day!" It's really fun to teach her about different holidays and see her enthusiasm for every new thing she learns.

Making "Ballumtimes Day!" for Daddy and Richard.

Lovey selfie. Opening valentines from Daddy.
Playing with Richard's special valentine gift from Daddy.

It's genetic.

My children must destroy paper.