Monday, October 15, 2012


I found this on the camera tonight. It's too good not to share.
I promise, more posts coming soon!

Monday, August 6, 2012

First Break

On June 13, we had quite the exciting adventure to the Emergency Room. Richard and Shirley were playing Ring Around the Rosie while Daddy washed the dishes when he heard a crash and then a moan of pain and whimpering crying. Rich dropped what he was doing and ran into the living room to find RJ curled up on the floor. He picked him up and realized RJ was holding his arm very close to his body. Rich tried to remove his shirt to see if there was any damage, but the baby couldn't lift his hand or arm away from his body so Rich cut his shirt off (his only Nebraska Huskers shirt, bytheway...) to try to discern any damage. When he couldn't see anything wrong he called me at work and said, "You need to clock out and come home right now." That is NOT the kind of call any mother looks forward to getting at work. I could hear the baby crying in the background and I knew it was can tell by your children's cries when something is seriously wrong, and I knew something was seriously wrong!I raced out of work without closing up shop, raced home trying not to panic the whole way and walked in the door to find a completely dejected little boy. He had stopped crying until he saw me, when his sobs started again. We were discussing what to do when my sister walked in. I had called her on my way home to keep her "on call" in case we needed to go to the Emergency Room. She decided she'd rather turn around and go home if we didn't need her than make us wait for her to get there (are we blessed, or what?!).
So, we loaded up and rode to the hospital. I couldn't believe it--there was only one other family in the waiting room and we got right in to see the doctors. Both doctors assumed it was a dislocated shoulder or elbow, which I'll admit I thought, too, though they couldn't find any evidence. When the doctor finally crawled her fingers up his arm and he shrunk away from her touch she said, "I think we are going to have to do x-rays...this looks like a broken collar bone." It was what Rich and I suspected all along, but I guess we were hoping for something less traumatic.
In the end, our boy came home with codeine and an arm bandage and a broken collar bone. I was convinced our summer was over. RJ spent three days on the couch with his arm wrapped in a codeine stupor. We watched Cars, Cars2 and more CARS! A week later we made a trip to our regular doctor for a follow up. She took his bandage off, tossed it in my purse and told us to have a nice summer. Can you believe that?! She said there is almost nothing you can do to keep a two-year-old's collar bone from healing perfectly and that by the time he is ready for organized sports this injury will be a distant memory. We are so relieved and thankful!!
God protected us from something much worse and answered so many of our prayers along the way--too many to count.
Our summer has gone on undisturbed and RJ is completely back to normal now, eight short weeks later.
First morning after the break. A sad boy watching movies.

R&R and TLC

Swing time--trying to get out of the house a little bit.

Chocolate frosting makes everything better.

You can take my clavicle but you can't take my style!
On our way to the doctor for his follow up visit.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Haircut

Richard got another haircut at the end of May--he handles it well, but it's clear that he really doesn't know what to make of it. In any case, the pictures are too good not to post.
Checkin' it all out in the mirror...


All done!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Last Day of School!

Shirley's last day of school was bittersweet for many reasons, not the least of which is that it closed at the end of this year. After many years as a part of our community, Roseville Nursery Group has closed its doors. Shirley learned and grew so much in her year at RNG--I am so happy and proud of her.
Richard wanted to get in on the "Last Day" photo action.
Such a big girl...she has changed so much.
Remember this? What a difference nine months makes!

Mrs. Bonnie and Mrs. Janie just realized that Shirley's lips are blue from candy.

So thankful for these lovely ladies.
We are so thankful Shirley had the opportunity to spend a year with these wonderful people. God's blessings on you, Mrs. Bonnie and Mrs. Janie as you pursue what God has next in store for both of you. We miss you already!

First Shave...

Let it be known that on May 24, 2012, Richard Joseph cut himself shaving for the very first time. I still don't know how he got ahold of a razor. I mean, I didn't realize he'd even hit puberty yet.
Of course, every little boy wants to shave just like daddy... I am thankful he is ok!
He didn't even know he had hurt himself.

"QUIT TAKING MY PICTURE!!! Mom! You're so embarrassing!"

Cool dude, Mr. Tough Guy. Don't be fooled...the bandaid lasted about hirty seconds before he ripped it off.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Preschool Program!

It's the post you've all been waiting for! On May 23, Shirley had her preschool program celebrating the end of her first year of preschool. Of course, I cried all morning. Didn't she JUST START preschool? How can she already be done with her first year?! We are so proud of our girl.
Now, you are in for a long haul with these TEN videos. I only expect you to watch all ten if you are directly related to our girl. :) Otherwise, I recommend watching "Peter Hammers," "We are the Dinosaurs," "The Fruit Song," and "Superman."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zoo Field Trip

On May 7, Shirley's preschool took a field trip to Como Zoo. It was highly anticipated and we had a wonderful time!
Don't they look so small next to the big yellow bus?

Everybody climb on board!

Shirley and her friend.

You're not supposed to climb on the giraffe!

So thankful I got to chaperone! What a fun day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun with the new camera at the park...

The super-fast shutter is great! Not a single blurry photo!

Cheesy rider.

Just because I have a fast shutter doesn't mean I can make them both look at the camera at the same time!

Looks like I got a new camera just in time to capture this photogenic boy.

Richard turns TWO!

Is this it?


So happy to be TWO.
The boy loves some cake.

Shirley turns FOUR!

Baking her cake.

Opening presents that came in the mail.

Her first Pony. I had no idea the monster I waas creating!

Blue frosting is NOT easy to mke appetizing. She doesn't seem to mind, though!

What a big girl!

A new bed for a big girl!

Wait, is that Cinderella in Shirley's bed??

2012 Birthday Party

At the beginning of April we had a little birthday party for Shirley and Richard. The kids had a wonderful day and LOVED their party.
The boy loves Cars!

See what I mean?

My birthday babies.

Say "CHEESE!" if you love CAKE! 

Shirley, the big four year old is ready for anything!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Babies for Preschoolers

A couple of days ago, Shirley and I were talking about her friend, Natalie, who's mother just had a beautiful baby boy. (Praise the Lord!!!) We talked about how the baby was in Sarah's tummy until he was born and I told her that she (Shirley--not Sarah, thank goodness) lived in my tummy before she was born, too. She did NOT believe me, so I showed her this picture:

She looked at it and said, "Mom. Did you EAT me?"
I laughed and told her she was sillly.

So, today, while I was working on this disaster-and-a-half,
I looked over and she had tucked one baby into its cradle and she was sitting in her little rocking chair reading to it with another baby tucked under her dress.
I said, "Oh, are you having a baby? How wonderful!"
She said, "Yeah. I'm just gonna carry my baby like this for a while."

I only wish I had my camera out fast enough! What a sweet memory for this mama.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Shirley: Mom, what's my cat's name again?
Erin: You know his name.
SJ: No I don't.
E: Fine. His name is Peter.
SJ [mischevious glare]: Yeah...Peter.
E: Yeah. Peter.
SJ: Peter? Are you sure?
E: Yes. Peter.

Guys, we might have to change his name. I can't believe she called my bluff.

Friday, February 24, 2012


This morning, Richard begged and begged me for eggs for breakfast. So, I went to the fridge to get the eggs--that's an easy enough breakfast. As soon as I got them out, he hit the floor in a complete meltdown screaming, "No, EGGS! EGGS! EGGS!"
I said, "Here are the eggs. I'll make you some eggs."
He said, "No! Eggs! Eggs!"
Finally in exasperation, I said, "Fine, show me the eggs."
He said, "Up, up!"
I picked him up and he pointed straight to this:

So, if you're ever at our house and Richard asks for eggs, rest assured he actually means clementines.
He thought it was pretty cool to stand at the counter to eat. He dripped all over the stool so that his toes were sticky when I cleaned him up. A small price to pray for happiness.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Before & After

I get so tired of paying someone to trim Shirley's bangs that I decided to buy some (sharp!) scissors and try it myself. I have to say that the $9 I spent on scissors will probably pay for themselves in the next three months. I don't think I'm ready for full hair cuts, but I think I did pretty well on The Girl's bangs!


She had already brushed them to the side by the time I got the camera turned on, but you get the idea!
She is REALLY going to hate that cowlick in a few years.
I hope she grows out of it.
 I'm pretty dang proud of myself!