Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Girl!

Shirley Jean had her first day of school this week. She is attending preschool near our home. It was hard to leave her there because it was clear that she was nervous once we got there, but we forced ourselves to walk away.
I was so relieved to return two hours later to learn that she absolutely loved it! She didn't want to leave!
Here are some pictures from our preparation leading up to school and her first day.

Getting acquainted at the preschool open house.

Modeling her new school haircut.

This is the picture we chose for SJ's cubby bucket.

"Mama, I need to take a picture for my journal."
I couldn't have been more proud!

The finished cubby bucket!

The morning of the first day.
Yes, she is eating a cookie after breakfast.
SJ was very nervous and didn't want her photo taken.

All ready for school!

Very proud of her bucket!

Outside the school!

Shirley and one of her teachers, Mrs. B.
You may notice that Shirley is wearing a silver heart necklace with her special "First Day" dress. We went shopping together and picked out the necklace and matching earrings. I wore the earrings and Shirley wore the necklace. The necklace is to remind her that no matter where she is, how she is feeling or what she is doing, she is loved by her Mama and Daddy. I told her to touch it and remember we are at home loving her if she felt nervous during her first day at school.