Friday, July 20, 2012

Preschool Program!

It's the post you've all been waiting for! On May 23, Shirley had her preschool program celebrating the end of her first year of preschool. Of course, I cried all morning. Didn't she JUST START preschool? How can she already be done with her first year?! We are so proud of our girl.
Now, you are in for a long haul with these TEN videos. I only expect you to watch all ten if you are directly related to our girl. :) Otherwise, I recommend watching "Peter Hammers," "We are the Dinosaurs," "The Fruit Song," and "Superman."


Anonymous said...

I loved all of them! So glad when you update. Shirley Jean is adorable. Love reading/seeing your posts.


Carrie Moritz said...

The Fruit Song was my favorite.