Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baking cookies and bickering...

Tomorrow will be our fifth (sixth?) snow day this school year due to dangerous windchills and low temperatures. The windchill is predicted to be -40* tomorrow morning. Here's the tricky thing, though. Two snow days were after Christmas break, extending our twelve day break to fourteen days. Then there was a snow day after MLK day. Tomorrow's snow day follows an end-of-quarter break that happened today. We had one or two random ones in there, too. And don't forget that we had a baby at the beginning of the coldest winter in 40 years (Am I exaggerating? I don't even know anymore.). I can count on two hands how many times I've left the house on two hands in the last eight weeks. 
Now, before you feel sorry for me, we've been having some fun: 

 Bundled snow babe. (This was one of the times we left the house.)

Fun with hoods. 

And today we made lavender hot packs. So even if we freeze to death, at least we'll be relaxed. 

It's winter with kids. 
A mom must be creative
in this bitter cold. 

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